Growing with a Yoga Flow

Read Rola’s latest book Growing with a Yoga Flow, Notes to Deepen Your Practice
Growing with a Yoga Flow Book

Growing with a Yoga Flow 

In this collection of essays, Rola traces the origin of yoga and its potential for personal and social transformation, based on her travels, personal story and published articles and interviews in leading yoga magazines.

Is there one authentic true yoga that we should follow? Has the West ruined yoga? Is singing mantra allowed for non-Indians? How did yoga become so popular with women when its origins appear to be male dominated? Can yoga heal people from trauma of war, violence and displacement? How to choose a yoga retreat and style of yoga? Isn’t yoga harmful in old age?

These are some of the questions that Rola asked herself as she was training to become a yoga instructor and yoga therapist. In this compact book, she shares her notes on possible answers, with the hope of helping new and more experienced practitioners deepen their practice beyond form and movement.

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