Uncover Holistic Health and Wellness through Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the Algarve
Using Yoga Tools to Create Benefits Beyond the Boundaries of the Mat.
Making Yoga Accessible to All: A Personalized Approach to Wellbeing

Based in beautiful Algarve, I draw my inspiration for teaching yoga from the natural beauty of this southern most region of Portugal. Whether you are a committed practitioner or new to yoga, whatever your age or stage in life, you can join the journey and experience the benefits of this ancient practice in modern life.

My story

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Lifelong Yoga Student.

After a 15-year corporate career in multinationals, working in various roles in marketing and communications, I relocated to London where I completed 200-hours Registered Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. 

Five years ago, when my children left for university, my husband and I decided to make Portugal our home. Based in Algarve, Portugal, I completed the 500-hour level Registered Teacher Training (certified by Yoga Alliance USA and UK) in Suryalila Center, Spain, and Yoga Therapy Diploma at the Yoga Therapy InstituteAmsterdam. In addition to teaching weekly classes at the Conrad, Algarve, I am involved in organizing wellness retreats in India and Europe, weaving in different yoga classes to suit the retreat objectives. 

Off the mat, I continue my free-lancing work in content marketing and writing for yoga publications such as Yoga Magazine and corporate clients, including YPO.org.

Yoga with Rola

“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn’t care about what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming.” Aadil Palkhivala

Yoga Offering

Yoga Classes and Yoga Therapy Sessions in the Algarve and Online.

Regardless of which practice you follow, the intention is to create a quiet space within to enhance your wellbeing and to develop a sense of body awareness, essentially finding your inner teacher and inspiration.

Gentle hatha yoga

With easy stretching of the different muscle groups, students work with breath control techniques and rely on props, making this class suitable for students of any level or age.

yoga therapy and yoga classes
yoga therapy and yoga classes

Level 1-2 foundation multi-level vinyasa flow yoga

Students flow through a sequence of foundation poses, with a key theme (anatomic, energetic or other), guided by the breath and a focus on alignment. More advanced poses are introduced. This class has fewer adjustments as the instructor practices with the class.

Private yoga sessions

Adjustments and hands-on assists are the focus of private and semi-private sessions. Small groups, with friends, partners or family are available and classes can be tailored with a specific theme or intention.

Yoga private sessions
yoga therapy and yoga classes

Wellness retreats

Wellness retreats for small groups, including corporate groups, are curated to meet specific retreat objectives. Tailored programs can focus on outdoor team building activities while enjoying all that Algarve has to offer, including outdoor sports and local food and wine. An authentic experience, full of fun – but also a journey of self-discovery based on the premise that wellness is never the result of one practice but a lifestyle choice addressing multiple aspects of your life. 

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a new multi-dimensional discipline, offering a holistic approach to healing and regarded as one of fastest complementary treatments. This one-on-one approach to yoga is adapted to the needs of different individuals, suffering from lower back pain, migraines, or other health issues, with the aim of bringing back the balance of physical, emotional and psychological health.

yoga therapy

Yoga Family

Yoga’s long rich history can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago, with various definitions of this ancient practice. I asked a group of my yoga friends and students to answer this simple question: Why is yoga, however defined, important in your life ? Here are their responses.

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"Yoga allows me to feel gratitude and presence, not only on the mat but also when surrounded by the beauty of nature and a daughter's love."

yoga therapy and yoga classes

“Yoga helps slow down the world around me and be present in the moment.”

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"Yoga... makes me feel grounded, more alive, makes me forgive faster, makes me love more. Yoga makes me feel happy."

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"It’s about change and clearing away . Yoga teaches me to flow in body, heart and mind, just like the flow of water in the natural world." 

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"Yoga teaches me to slow down, pause, breathe and just be. It also teaches me how to honour my body and how to show up in life with compassion, gratitude and grace. Yoga has become my way of life."

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"Yoga brings peace and kindness to my body, mind, and soul, a small sanctuary from my busy work life. Besides, the body benefits it supports a healthier life style, positive thinking and emotional stability, reminding me that the only moment to live is the present one."

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"Yoga gives me a sense of freedom, even during times of lockdown."

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"As an executive leading a multinational business during times of continuous crisis management, staying calm and present are essential for my health. Yoga is a sacred escape and sanctuary - my most treasured form of release from the pressures of everyday life."

yoga therapy and yoga classes

"Besides the physical benefit of core strength , injury prevention and muscle elongation, yoga is instrumental for my mental strength as an endurance athlete. It teaches me patience, breath control and allows me to slow down and develop an awareness of my body. Essential during the last mile of a grueling open-water swim!"



“Yoga is not for the flexible but for the willing” 

yoga therapy and yoga classes

For more information on yoga private sessions, group classes, yoga therapy or wellness retreats, contact: 


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yoga with rola
yoga with rola


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